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Product Overview

Stig interior LED wall light. A small and decorative, wall mounted spotlight providing a warm light emission from both ends.

This Italian made fitting has fixed optics that provide a wash of light from both ends. There is also a cylindrical option of this fitting.

Aluminium body. Available in a choice of colour finishes and a variety of beam angles and light output colours.

Suitable for various decorative lighting applications including vaulted ceilings and wall washing.

Two fixing types are available depending on the surface the fitting is to be mounted on. Only one type requires a cut out.


Source type – LED
Supply -350mA driver (not included)
Wattage – 2W LED or 3 x 1W LED

Dimmable – Yes 1-10v or DMX
IP Rating – IP40
Colour – Warm White


Stig tech image

Hole cut out diameter – 23mm if required
Hole depth – Minimum 10mm
Series wiring
Compliant with EN605981
Lumens – 100+100 (Warm white)
CRI – 80
Class III
Supplied pre-cabled

Codes and Finishes


Surface mounted
White – 92344
Chrome – 92345
Nickel – 92346

Cut out
White – 92341
Chrome – 92342
Nickel – 92343

Light output colours

C – Cold white
N – Natural white
W – Warm white
R – Red
G – Green
B – Blue
Y – Amber

Beam angles


Led Drivers