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Product Overview

Dropper LED tape. A preformed strip of LEDs providing a warm light.

This Italian made tape is supplied on a roll integrated in a flexible circuit.

Easily adaptable in every type of application and can be cut to length in 6 LED unit.

Suitable for various lighting applications and installed in an aluminium extrusion with diffusing cover to provide a glow effect.


Source type – LED
Supply – 24
Wattage – 4.8 watts/mtr

Dimmable – Yes 1-10v or DMX
IP Rating – IP50
Colour – Warm White


Visio-Dropper tech image.vsd







Parallel wiring
Compliant with EN605981
Lumens – 360 (Warm white)
Class III

Codes and Finishes


Cool White – 98018
Natural White – 98020
Warm White – 98019

Beam angles


Led Drivers

These are a selection of suitable LED drivers for this product.